Meet Wallybroom

For all your messes, wet or dry

I want my home clean. Having something with squeegee head and broom head helps me get wet and dry stuff, in my bathroom, kitchen, wherever.

Leticia M.

I like to keep my kitchen clean but I hate getting my hands dirty to do it. I love that the Wally Broom allows me to completely clean up messes without getting any of the mess or bacteria on me. I also appreciate that it's quick and thorough.

Melissa L.

I love Wallybroom. It's perfect for cleaning up after my spoiled cat!

Joan S.

Squeegee for Wet Messes

No excessive paper towel waste or relays to the sink with that nasty rag

Rotate for Wet or Dry Messes

Using our patented design, you can rotate head to eight different positions for wet or dry cleanup

Rinse and Done

A quick rinse in the sink and you’re done

Easily Stowable

Wallybroom fits easily under the sink or in other tight places: 15″h x 11″w x 7″d

Innovative Design

Take a look at how the Wallybroom works

A Simple Solution to Make Life Easier

Brooms clean up dry messes. Wallybroom also handles the wet nasty ones: spilled cereal, dropped eggs, dumped spaghetti; or baby food, yogurt, soup, shattered glass containers of whatever. They’re all handled with Wallybroom–no gunky hands, no excessive paper towel waste.
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